Webcam portraits

"Webcam portraits" is a collection of portraits taken from the screen of computer. The subjects are strangers, that've been encountered in online web chats. In the best case, all we can know about them are their nicknames, that cannot really tell anything about the persons behind them. Internet is an environment that brings everything in the other dimension: people are the same, but they behave different, and our attitude to other people completely differs as well.

In some way, this is the disregard to the traditional quest of quality of contemporary digital photography. Here, the beauty of classical photography, like black tones, blur, etc., has an important part to play. However, the place of grain here is taken by the pixles of the screen, that become an increasingly important part of construction of our daily lives. The pixels not only erase the analogical authenticity of persons photographed, but also leave some space of interpretations of moods to errors and imperfections of the digital flow. "Webcam Portraits" is a series which questions if the Internet based digital technologies are putting the end to traditional photography, or if they are opening new vistas for the image art.