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Pia Salome Bohnert

Portrait portfolio for Pia Salome Bohnert, Sopran

Portrait portfolio for Pia Salome Bohnert, Sopran.


Exhibition GENESIS

Roman Drits is one of the artists in the group show "GENESIS" that will run from 5. – 15. March in Jurmala City Museum, Latvia.

Jurmala City Museum

Tirgonu iela 29

Jurmala, Latvia

Opening 5.03.2015


Artists: Dagmar Rauwald, Jürgen Schubbe, Manuel Schroeder, Liviu Bulea, George Baratashvili, Jacopo Abis, Giusva Pinato, Beatrice Gelmetti, Gioia Dei Rossi, Veronica di Giovanelli, Saulius Dastikas, Mantas Maziliauskas, Leonīds Tugaļevs, Romans Drits, MARLETA (Mārtiņš Rozenfelds, Lineta Līduma), Lauris Vītoliņš, Dita Lūse, Dace Lucia Kidd, Vitaly Stanislavsky, Māris Upzars, Sarmīte Caune, Andris Vītols, Justīne Lūce, Emīls Braunbergs

Each of its authors has been invited to participate as a sovereign and unique artistic phenomenon. National identity of each artist, in which, often, their artistic principles are rooted, is an inimitable value, which creates a completed world, aligned with artists’ achievement. Facts of geographic appurtenance influence religious, political, economic and juridical vision of world to effect the creation of art works. Therefore, works offered in this exhibition would reflect the diversity in perception of the theme ‘GENESIS – the creation of the world’. The concept of exhibition presumes individuality of each artist to seek consonance with achievement of other artists to create a harmonious and balanced wholeness of exposition. The personal contribution of each participant, included into the shared landscape of exhibition, evolves into story about what is most important of all – the world.

Irrespective of theories or aesthetic approaches the participants of event represent, the decisive element is the question stated for the purpose of creation of this exhibition: the mode the world could emerge and who is its master? Alternative view of creation of the world, on its construction and structure will develop in inter-action of varying genres of art to enable the viewer to think about evolvement of a unified, humane, and universal world.

Perceptions about creation of the world are inter-disciplinary – a product of language, history, natural sciences, philosophy, theology interpreting religious explanations aside with those of modern science. No doubt, they are dependent on positioning and environment where people have grown up as well as on understanding of cultural traditions and systems governing the development of thought processes. 

Support of the exhibition is provided by JK Consulting Group and 

Romanian Cultural Institute